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We recognize the transformative power of pregnancy and all its possibilities. We envision a world in which abortion is affirmed as a moral decision without stigma. We believe that open and honest conversations, in a safe environment, about the experience of abortion will begin to create this world.

The Abortion Conversation Project is committed to eliminating the stigma of abortion by creating new ways and opportunities to talk about abortion honestly and publicly. The real life experiences of providers and women themselves will enable people to understand and appreciate the complex moral decision making surrounding a pregnancy decision.

We pledge open conversations that do not demonize those with differing views, or convince anyone that we are “right”. We realize that decisions about pregnancy bring up issues of life, death, sex, parenthood, and so much more. We want to create safe spaces for women and men to consider what is best for their lives.

The Abortion Conversation Project consists of its board and staff, Conversation Partners that affiliate with us, and connections to clinics and prochoice organizations and individuals. Conversation Partners agree to support the project and may join in national discussions sponsored by ACP. To join, see further information under Activities.

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Abortion Providers Bestow Awards

Washington, D.C. — This year’s annual meeting of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers (NCAP) and the Abortion Conversation Project (ACP) May 17-19, 2008, awarded Charlotte Taft and abortion care providers, Mary Frank of the Memphis Center for Reproductive Health and Jen Boulanger and the entire staff of the Allentown Women’s Center with the organizations’ highest honors. NCAP and ACP meet annually to offer workshops on quality care for members and to strategize about improving the societal climate for their patients.

Charlotte Taft, currently a consultant and counselor in Pecos, NM, and former Executive Director of the Routh St. Clinic in Dallas, Texas, was awarded the David Gunn Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement. Charlotte was chosen for her visionary leadership in re-focusing attention on the woman’s abortion experience. She pioneered the concept of “head and heart” counseling and has offered thoughtful, honest analyses of abortion politics that have created a new dialogue about abortion.

The Allentown Women’s Center has been awarded the 2008 Vision Award by the Abortion Conversation Project. This award is presented to the abortion provider who challenges the stigma around abortion both within the clinic and in the community. For the first time, an entire staff was recognized: the Allentown Women’s Center was chosen for its dedication to quality patient services and outreach to the community under conditions of extreme anti-abortion activity. The staff, individually and collectively have worked hard to counteract stigmatizing messages about abortion in their everyday interactions with patients as well as creating a positive presence at community events.

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